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The decade of aspiration, acceleration and assertion

2020-01-17T20:06:51+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, Home Page, North America Edition – 10 January 2020, UK Edition – 10 January 2020|

The 2020s promise to be a decade with a difference. For one, many incipient trends – from a rise in aspirations to an acceleration in development to greater assertion of national identities – will come into their own over the next few years. Then, rising education levels and breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine will likely make this the most egalitarian decade in the history of mankind. Highlights: 2020 marks a decade of aspirations – of the billions of newly [...]

Britain elects its most diverse Parliament ever

2020-01-17T20:04:10+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, Home Page, UK Edition – 10 January 2020|

The Director of a London-based think tank analyses the role of the Indian diaspora in the 2019 General Elections and notes how immigration reforms should be of key importance post Brexit. Highlights: The 2019 General Election saw Britain elect its most diverse Parliament ever, with 65 ethnic minority MPs making up one-tenth of the House of Commons. Scepticism about Brexit among Indian voters appeared to be a barrier to supporting the governing party for Corbyn-sceptic voters. One of the biggest [...]

India-Canada: A proliferate relationship

2020-01-17T20:03:43+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, Home Page, North America Edition – 10 January 2020|

The CEO of the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber catalogues the economic equation between the two countries over history and delves into how they can take it to the next level. Highlights: Canada has stepped up food and potash exports to India. Canadian pension funds like CDPQ, CPPIB, and financial entities like Brookefield and Fairfax have invested huge amounts in Indian collaborations, heralding a new phase of the India-Canada trade and investment ties. Canada is now looking to seek investments from Tier [...]

Year of drama and assertion

2019-12-30T14:34:29+00:00December 27th, 2019|2019, Home Page, North America Edition – 27 December 2019, UK Edition – 27 December 2019|

2019 was a year of near non-stop drama, fast-moving action and events with far-reaching consequences. It was also a year in which powerful nations and their leaders asserted their right of action in different ways and in doing so, majorly disrupted the 'business as usual' status quo that the world has gotten used to. We look at some of the biggest developments of 2019 in this analysis. Trade war The year’s biggest economic news was undoubtedly the ongoing trade war [...]

The South Asia cooperation conundrum

2019-12-27T18:32:17+00:00December 27th, 2019|2019, Home Page, UK Edition – 27 December 2019|

While, historically, India’s bilateral relations with other South Asian countries have been unsteady, the past year has seen some tangible improvement. Highlights: Developments on waterways and energy between India and its neighbours demonstrate that regional engagement is both feasible and mutually beneficial. India’s relationship with the core BBIN group is finally shifting to a position in which it acts multilaterally. The 2019 Modi government’s domestic focus have raised concerns within South Asia. Enhancing regional trade would serve to stimulate the [...]

Boosting the Texas-India relationship

2020-01-17T20:28:58+00:00December 27th, 2019|2019, Home Page, North America Edition – 27 December 2019|

Indian companies across sectors find success in Texas thanks to a large, skilled workforce and competitive business climate. Highlights: At 14 million people. Texas has the second-largest civilian workforce in the US. Texas also offers a highly competitive tax climate with no personal or corporate income tax. India’s trade with Texas in 2018 reached $5,116 million in exports and $3,654 million in imports. More than 30 Indian companies invested a combined $1,122 million and created a combined 8,725 jobs throughout [...]

India-US energy cooperation in an age of upheaval

2019-12-27T18:31:50+00:00December 26th, 2019|2019, Home Page, North America Edition – 27 December 2019|

An energy expert explores how the sector can provide a new base for a stronger US-India relationship. Highlights: State-state and other subnational cooperation to deepen energy linkages. Growing sustainable energy and emissions reduction technologies in the industrial sector. Expansion of cooperation on securing supply chains for key technologies in the energy transition. Including inputs from institutional investors and key foundations and philanthropies working to advance the clean energy transition in India. As 2020 begins, India enters this new decade [...]

Co-creation and capability-building for India

2019-12-16T16:03:45+00:00December 13th, 2019|2019, Home Page, UK Edition – 13 December 2019|

Rolls-Royce’s Global Government Relations Director elaborates on how partnerships and co-creation offer India an accelerated path for capability development, especially in the security and defence sector. Highlights: A sustained focus on reforms, manufacturing, and indigenous capability-building has helped India’s jump in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report. India’s search to build an indigenous defence industry offers an opportunity for global players to work with Indian counterparts in a closer partnership. Industry 4.0 is a very important area of [...]

India and the UK together are a force for global good

2019-12-13T13:46:20+00:00December 13th, 2019|2019, Home Page, UK Edition – 13 December 2019|

The Director of UK Research and Innovation, India reflects on her experience with the organisation over the past decade and outlines the growing opportunities for partnerships between the UK and India. Highlights: UKRI was created in 2018 as a public funder of research and innovation in universities and businesses. The Indo-UK research and innovation partnership has been steadily one of transformation, changing lives for people globally. In 2019, Indo-UK research and innovation opportunities and partnerships worth a commitment of over [...]