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India should make PPE success a template for all industries

2020-05-29T17:30:02+00:00May 25th, 2020|Editorials - India Global Business|

Close collaboration between India’s federal government, its various research institutions, the state governments and the country’s highly fragmented textiles industry helped create the world’s second-largest PPE industry from scratch in 60 days. If this can be made the norm across sectors, New Delhi will have little trouble in attracting companies looking for alternatives to China. In India, under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t expect the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), better known for developing inter-continental ballistic missiles, the Institute of [...]

US bill to delist Chinese companies indicates that it may not be business as usual

2020-05-23T17:17:06+00:00May 22nd, 2020|Editorials - India Global Business|

The US-China face-off over Covid-19 is escalating. While Washington is right to take Beijing to task it must study its actions and not leave any loose ends to discipline China. The US Senate has unanimously passed a Bill to delist Chinese companies from US exchanges. About 800 Chinese companies with a combined market capitalisation of $1 trillion, or 5 per cent of the total value of all stocks traded in the US, could be impacted. This does not immediately threaten [...]

Nirmala Sitharaman’s 5-part package could be a 1991 redux

2020-05-29T17:26:33+00:00May 19th, 2020|Editorials - India Global Business|

Analysts and economists criticising the Indian Finance Minister's stimulus-cum-reforms package are missing the woods for the trees. As increased liquidity improves the velocity of money, the economic growth engine could well start purring once again. The Indian stock markets have crashed about 5 per cent over two days following the announcement of a $290-billion stimulus-cum-reforms package by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The reason? A series of reports by global and Indian research agencies that claim the package is really worth [...]

India stands to shift the global balance of power

2020-05-29T16:55:51+00:00May 18th, 2020|Editorials - India Global Business|

The stage is set for a possible adjustment of global dynamics with India at the forefront. The gloves for Asian supremacy are set to come off with India co-sponsoring a resolution, led by Australia, the European Union and 62 other countries, for an independent probe under the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus that was first detected in central China’s Wuhan city late last year. Related Stories: Why India is ready to lead the post-Covid [...]