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India and Israel don’t compete with each other, they complete each other

2020-12-16T04:40:44+00:00December 10th, 2020|Interviews - India Global Business, Video Interview - India Global Business|

In an exclusive interview to ‘India Global Business’, Israel’s Ambassador to India Ron Malka shares his views on the components that bind India and Israel into strategic, multi-faceted, bilateral ties. He also outlines the opportunities for India and Israel in the newly established links that have emerged with countries in the Gulf.

Australia wants to come out on top with India

2020-08-20T06:20:18+00:00May 22nd, 2020|Analysis - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business|

PM Scott Morrison’s declaration of furthering economic ties with India comes against the backdrop of a deepening trade war between China. India-Australia trade ties are set to receive a significant boost with Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing a proposed video meeting between Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and himself. Reciprocal defence agreements, partnerships in education, exports of Australian agricultural products and people-to-people links are just some of the proposals that are on the table. Related stories: Australian businesses on a mission [...]

Indian sugar industry is posting sweet export numbers

2020-12-11T03:01:45+00:00May 19th, 2020|Analysis - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business|

Demand is surging from Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran, and with it are exporters’ margins. The forecast for the Indian sugar industry is sweet. The word on the street has experts speculating that total sugar exports in the current marketing year could surpass 5 million tonnes. This is a step up from earlier estimates which put it at 4.5 million tonnes. The government had set the mills a target of 6 million tonnes and this landmark could also be overhauled. Thanks [...]

India stands to shift the global balance of power

2020-12-11T12:02:51+00:00May 18th, 2020|Editorials - India Global Business|

The stage is set for a possible adjustment of global dynamics with India at the forefront. The gloves for Asian supremacy are set to come off with India co-sponsoring a resolution, led by Australia, the European Union and 62 other countries, for an independent probe under the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus that was first detected in central China’s Wuhan city late last year. Related Stories: Why India is ready to lead the post-Covid [...]

Indian rice exports provide food for thought to Malaysia

2020-08-20T06:20:35+00:00May 18th, 2020|Analysis - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business|

Kuala Lumpur’s intention to import 100,000 tonnes of grain from India has brought about a reset in the strained bilateral ties between the two nations. The strength and potency of India’s foreign policy and its ability to conduct flawless bi-lateral relations among nations has once again been highlighted on a regional scale. Malaysia has approached India for a contract to import 100,000 tonnes of rice for the next two months. The rice deals followed a strong order for the import [...]

Real estate opportunities in India are going to be unbelievable

2020-08-20T06:20:42+00:00April 10th, 2020|2020, Guest Columns - India Global Business, North America Edition – 10 April-23 April 2020, Profile - India Global Business, UK Edition – 10 April-23 April 2020|

Jyotsna Hegde, President of Sobha Realty in Dubai, discusses what makes India a promising real estate market in the future. Jyotsna Hegde, President of Sobha Realty in Dubai, has recently been recognised as one of the ‘Women of Influence in the Middle East’ in the corporate and business workspace this year. Hegde wears this honour lightly, even though it captures the fruitful journey that she had embarked upon ever since she showed up with an appointment letter which tasked her [...]