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Arnab Mitra1mbArnab Mitra is a senior journalist based in Delhi. He writes on business and politics.

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India’s strength QUAD-ruples against China

A battle-hardened military, decades-long experience in high altitude warfare together with India’s recent elevation to the Chair of the WHO Executive Board, its election to the UNSC and its close diplomatic ties with like-minded democracies such as the US, Japan, France, Israel, the UK and others will help it counter Beijing’s aggression.

India a magnet for global investors in the post-Covid world

Global agencies such as IMF, S&P and Fitch are projecting very high growth rates for India next year. Then, many companies looking for alternatives to China are likely to set up manufacturing facilities in India. And the reforms measures unveiled by the Modi government will sustain high growth rates for many years to come. All these will combine to increase India’s attractiveness as a global investment destination.